Zoey Zoley

a big thanx to Andreas Riedel Fotografie

A big thank you to Andreas Riedel Fotografie

A very warm welcome to you dear visitor of my page!

I am Zoey Zoley, a woman, a friend, a brand itself, a worldcitizen, born and meanwhile still living in Berlin, Germany and hopelessly passionate about life, love and music!

A singer and musician by heart and from the heart, reaching out for new things and throwing together many styles.

I love to wear the colour green and yellow and I have the quirk to always combine colours of my clothes with make-up, nailpolish and jewellery, ask my friends they will confirm that.

Thriftshops are my treasure box for unique clothes which I love to pay a visit.

I am an hopeless romantic, wishing there would only be love in this world but I am not naive so like many others in this world I start with myself being as compassionate, loving and friendly towards others as I can be.

With this page I want to share with you what inspires me in life and I would love to inspire you to be brave and life-loving, stay curious, look for the beauty and be willing to grow inside and outside!

Despite that I gave birth to this digital artproject during the past couple of days, since I have been experiencing some life-altering moments recently and during this painful but also exciting time I finally decided to heal my heart and soul with art, that was slumbering within me because I forced it into its sleeping beauty sleep. Eventually I realized this is what I have to do, I am old enough and ready to finally believe in myself and let my heart talk. I want to use all the beautiful things I have collected in the past and transform them into pieces of art. Those beautiful things include sound-recordings, pictures and videos of the environment during my travels or even of my hometown. They all tell a story and in many ways provoked me to grow, to change, to question, to learn, to laugh, to love, to be brave and caught my curiosity towards life!

Videos, music and articles are produced and written by me, I hereby withhold all the rights, if not the original artists will be mentioned.

Since I am a world-citizen and it seems like english is somewhat still the world language and I want to reach as many of you as I can of this world I have choosen to write only in english.


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