Zoey Zoley


Sometimes in life people see talents or abilities in you before you do yourself. This is the beginning to my story of becoming a presenter on screen!

Finally in the year 2020 I jumped and grabbed the opportunities that were given to me, to find out myself that I am good at being a presenter and that I actually do really enjoy this. What I love the most of this profession is to meet other human beings, to exchange thoughts and to feed my endless curiosity. I get to research beforehand about things that I have maybe never heard about and listen to inspiring stories of people that expand my views and knowledge.

I am excited to continue this adventure, now that I have gotten a taste of it. 
If you see me working for your projects or show as a presenter, contact me and lets collaborate!

My most recent Job as a presenter in March 2021 for the MastulSessions Music-Livestream.

Have a look and listen to the rest of the wonderful concerts of the -> MastulSessions !

This is how the Story began:

In June 2020 the very talented Videojournalist Stefanie Stoye and me had a miniseries on the Show ZIBB of the local TV-Station RBB