Zoey Zoley


Jazz Duo Mew Matou

Zoey Zoley vocals / Mic Ackermann piano & vocals
Livestream concert recording demo from November 28, 2020 at Mastul Berlin
MEWMATOU - triplet duo jazz 
The duo makes music. Friendly, always benevolent.  Their sound is colorful, playful, sometimes virtuoso or exaggerated!  (we called it affectionately: "musical Tourette's syndrome"…) And there are influences from impressionism. Also romanticism.  We experience goosebumps of surprise: the surface shimmers above the depth of this music. Everything is in change everywhere. But then a chorale is heard after all….

Mew Matou are piano and vocals: Michel Ackermann (https://www.miacmusic.com/lyrik-ist-m…) Vocals: Zoey Zoley