Body and Soul

Body and Soul live at St. Elisabeth Church in May 2019

Michel Ackermann and me have recently performed at a political debate in a church at the beginning and at the end. The recording that you can listen to in this post was recorded in that church with my laptop.

The title „Believe and Doubt“ of the debate was pretty interesting, as well as the debate itself between a politician and a bishop/theologian. I have no religious background whatsoever, quite the opposite actually, however its always interesting for me to connect the theoretical understanding of life with the spiritual.

„Body and Soul“ was a pretty fitting song to sum up a conversation about believe and doubt because if you think about it, its probably originally written about a random man or woman one couldn’t have as a romantic partner but I believe one could also transfer it towards the doubt some believers in God may experience throughout their life. What do you think?

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